Love is hard to find. At least it used to be. With Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr or Her you’re bound to find your soulmate. And if those aren’t enough, there’s always Bristlr, the dating app for bearded men. Or Farmers Only, a dating app for… well, you can guess. And if you’re not a bearded farmer, there’s Trek Passions for Sci-Fi fans or Sizzl for bacon lovers. So love is no longer hard to find. Love is just a download away.

Author Jessica Fishman joins us in the studio to talk about her book Chutzpah and High Heels.

Our musical guest today is The Fine Marten, a local Irish Rock Band!

Also, stay tuned for The Melting Podcast’s top 5 picks for must-watch Israeli films and listen in to hear us deliberate the dilemma of the ages: kibbutz life vs. city life.

Writers: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein
Hosts: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein
Editing: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein
Editing Consultant: Rom Atik
Producer: Eyal Schindler

Voices in Sketch:
“It Takes Two To Tinder”
Jimmy (narrator) - Eytan Weinstein