The government has decided  to ease some of the public restrictions that had been imposed over the course of the past month in an attempt to flatten the coronavirus curve. 

   Stores situated on the streets can be reopened, but stores in malls and outdoor markets will remain closed. Stores that sell furniture, household goods, electrical appliances, communication equipment and computers, books, sports and leisure equipment will open, along with laundromats and seamstress shops.

   Special-ed groups with up to three children will be permitted to resume activity. Families will be permitted to organize shared sitter services for their children. The public will be permitted to go outdoors to play sport activities in couples.

   Up to 19 people will be permitted to gather outside synagogues to worship together, provided they all wear masks.

KAN's Mark Weiss spoke with Dr Arnon Afek , the associate Director-General of the Sheba medical center, about the strategy behind the decision to ease some of the corona restrictions..