A law that makes procuring prostitution services an administrative offense and fines prostitution clients, is due to take effect on Friday. The law imposes a 2,000 shekel penalty on first offenders; a repeat offense doubles the fine; and prosecutors are also empowered to indict prostitution clients in certain cases, with a maximum fine of some 75,000 shekels. The law was passed in 2018 as part of efforts to reduce the sex trade. It also calls for a public education campaign and allocates some 90 million shekels over three years for rehabilitation programs to help sex workers get out of prostitution.  Professor Shulamit Almog, Co-Director of the Law, Gender and Policy Forum of the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa spoke to KAN's Naomi Segal about the law, which she said falls short in efforts to address the core of the problem.