An Israeli literacy program for schoolchildren has been honored by the US Library of Congress. The Library of Congress announced earlier this year that Keren Grinspoon Israel (KGI, the Grinspoon Israel Foundation) had been selected as a 2020 Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program Best Practice Honoree. 

KGI and its programs — Sifriyat Pijama (Hebrew for “Pajama Library”) and Maktabat al-Fanoos (Arabic for “Lantern Library”) — are the first in Israel to receive an honor from the Library of Congress, which each year recognizes 15 organizations for innovation in promoting literacy worldwide.

Adapted from the PJ Library book-gifting program created by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in North America, KGI distributes some 3.5 million books in Hebrew and Arabic each year to more than 500,000 Israeli children, operating through public preschools and elementary schools in partnership with Israel's Education Ministry. KAN reporter Naomi Segal heard more about the program, and how it has adapted during the coronavirus pandemic, from Galina Vromen, outgoing Executive Director of Keren Grinspoon Israel.