The United States said  it is committed to defending Saudi Arabia following drone and missile strikes by Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi movement, including on a Saudi facility vital to oil exports.

Saudi authorities said there were no casualties or property losses from Sunday’s attacks targeting an oil storage yard at Ras Tanura, site of a refinery and the world’s biggest offshore oil loading facility, and a residential compound in Dhahran used by state-controlled oil giant Saudi Aramco.

The attacks, which drove Brent crude prices above $70 a barrel to their highest since January 2020, come at a time of friction in the decades-old alliance between Saudi Arabia and the United States as President Joe Biden pressures Riyadh over its human rights record and the ruinous Yemen war.

KAN's Mark Weiss spoke with Dr Yoel Guzansky from Tel Aviv university's Instititue for National Security Studies.