Israeli diplomats abroad this week began casting their early votes in the March 23 election for the 24th Knesset. With the exception of specific groups such as diplomats and emissaries, there is no overseas voting for Israelis, and citizens can only exercise their right to vote if they are present in the country. The question of whether the right to vote from overseas should be expanded has been debated for years. The issue drew more attention recently, when thousands of Israelis stranded abroad by the pandemic prompted Israel's partial reopening of its skies in order to let them return to vote. The Israel Democracy Institute has drawn up a set of recommendations to enable  a larger percentage of Israelis abroad to participate in elections, by setting criteria that differentiates between citizens whose center of life is in Israel, and those for whom it is not. KAN reporter Naomi Segal heard more from Prof. Ofer Kenig, a research fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and lecturer at Ashkelon Academic College.