Ahead of the Passover holiday, the food rescue organization Leket Israel has appealed to Israeli families to try to avoid overbuying and food going to waste. According to the BDO group, the average household in Israeli household will spend approximately 2,550 shekels on food for the holiday, of which food worth up to 330 shekels will be thrown out. From the macro perspective, approximately 240 thousand tons of food valued at 2 billion shekels will be thrown away. In Israeli households alone, food loss during Passover is estimated at 1.2 billion shekels.

Leket Israel stressed that after a year when so many people joined the circle of poverty and are experiencing food insecurity, it is vital more than ever to utilize purchased food in the  best possible way, to ensure no surplus food goes to waste, and by donating it to people in need. KAN reporter Naomi Segal ahead of the holiday with Joseph Gitler, founder and chairman of Leket Israel.