Islamic Jihad has threatened that if Israel does not stop what it termed  its "war on the residents" of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, it could expect to encounter a reaction of a kind that it was not taking into account.  

 The High Court is hearing the appeals of 4 east Jerusalem Palestinian families who are fighting against possible eviction after lower courts  upheld the ownership rights of the Nahalat Shimon Company that wants to develop the area for Jewish families. 

Hamas has already threatened to  renew its rocket fire should the families be thrown out.

The UN and  European countries have asked the Israeli government to halt any action against the families.

The Ir Amim NGO have warned that this case could set a precedent for other families in the neighborhood and allow for all of them to be evicted.

KAN's Mark Weiss spoke with Aviv Tatarsky from  Ir Amim and  asked him what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah.