Israel currently is the third most densely populated  country in the West  after Holland and South Korea—in which the population growth has slowed significantly, whereas Israel’s population is growing at the same rate as developing nations.

   The Israel Population Forum, which is comprised of environmental and social researchers,  presented at a conference at Tel Aviv University a report on the population growth projections for the years 2030-2050.

   They warned: “The rate of growth, which stems mainly from very high reproduction rate, is too fast to comprehend its ramifications: The population is projected to continue to double in the next 30 years.”

   The main problem is not the crowding but the fast growth rate, making it impossible for the infrastructure to keep pace with it, as is done in other countries.

 KAN's  Mark Weiss asked Prof. Alon Tal  from Tel Aviv university, the chair of Israel Population Forum, and today an MK from Blue and White, about the infrastructure challenges due to Israel's high population growth.