In an historic ruling for LGBTQ rights, the High Court of Justice on Sunday cleared the way for same-sex couples and single men to become parents through a surrogacy process in Israel. The court gave the state six months to draw up professional guidelines for the process. In 2020, the court struck down as discriminatory Israeli surrogacy law that extended only to heterosexual couples and single women, ruling that it disproportionately harmed the right to equality and the right to parenthood. The court gave the Knesset one year to amend the law, which it did not do. On Sunday, the court unanimously ruled that it cannot abide by the continued serious damage to human rights caused by the existing surrogacy arrangement.. 

Etai and Yoav Pinkas-Arad, the gay couple who filed the petition challenging surrogacy discrimination over 10 years ago, said the ruling “is a big step for equality not just for LGBTQ in Israel, but for equality in Israel in general. Attorney Hagai Kalai, who represented the plaintiffs, spoke to KAN reporter Naomi Segal about the significance of the ruling.