House majority leader, Democrat Steny Hoyer, says he will bring a suspension bill to the House floor later this week to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome, hours after the Democratic party leadership removed the $1 billion provision from a continuing resolution amid pushback from progressives.

“It's my intention to bring to this floor a suspension bill before the end of this week, that will fully fund Iron Dome,” Hoyer said on the House floor. “We ought to do it,” he said.

Hoyer said that he talked to Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid, “and assured him that that bill was going to pass this house.” Senator Norm Coleman, the Republican Jewish Coalition National Chair, said in a statement that House Democrats “should be ashamed of themselves.”

Eran Shayshon, the Director General of the Reut Institute, a strategy group focusing on Israel and the Jewish people, told KAN's Mark Weiss that the decision may be eventually considered an historic event that will impact Israel’s national security.