Interns and medical residents at hospitals in Israel have rejected the newly-proposed program for shortening on-call shifts, and announced that 2,300 letters of resignation would be tendered on Thursday.

   Dr. Rey Biton, the chair of Mirsham, the Medical Residents Organization of Israel, told Kan  that despite the fact that the state had taken an initial step towards shortening the length of shifts, the change would not apply to the surgical wards. She said: That means that 90% of the residents will continue to perform 26-hour shifts. Dr. Biton added that the demand to include the internal medicine wards, the coronavirus wards and the urgent medicine wards in the program to shorten on-call shifts had been rejected. 

Uri Rosen is a medical resident who works for the Meuhedet health fund at a family clinic in Tel Aviv.

KAN's  Mark Weiss asked him what caused the threat of Thursday’s mass resignation.