Whether or not you’ve been to Israel before on Birthright or for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, when you land on the soil of the Holy Land to make Aliyah, there’s only one thought going through your mind: Get me to a bed, I’m jetlagged as hell! Of course, first, you’ve gotta go through Passport Control.

For the first episode of The Melting Podcast, Two Nice Jewish Boys (Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein) are joined by Ilana Vaknine, AKA La La Vak, one of Tel Aviv’s funniest sex bloggers! Read her blogs on Cherry Poppins and on the Times of Israel. And of course, musical guests Quarter to Africa, will blow your mind away with some Middle Eastern, Afro-Arab, funky jazz music. Check them out on YouTube, FacebookBandcamp and on their website!

Stay tuned to the end of episode to hear us ponder puzzled about why our olim friends are leaving Israel.

Big thank yous to Adva Weinstein and Josh Bloomberg (he's on Facebook too) for the voices!