Once you’ve jumped all the hurdles at the airport (not literally, don’t do that, you’ll get shot), one thing remains: getting a cab to your destination. Fresh-off-the-boat, fresh meat is exactly what taxi drivers feast on! So be wary, or be ripped-off. No offense to taxi drivers… some of our best friends are taxi drivers.


Today we have Nick Valencia with us. Nick was a firefighter and a rescue worker in the United States and he’s just made Aliyah to join the IDF. Tune in to hear Nick’s fascinating story! We’re also joined by the mellifluous duo, Russo and Weinberg. Check them out on YouTube, follow them on Facebook and get their albums on Bandcamp!


Also, we(AKA 2NJB) discuss who to tip/not tip in Israel and a little bit about our day jobs so stay tuned!