Getting an internet connection in Israel is a traumatizing experience. If there were rehabilitation centers for victims of Internet Service Providers, they’d be full to the brim with poor souls who have been forced to suffer the gruelingly long waits, the abysmal customer service and the ultimately shitty internet one ends up getting. Perhaps we’re over exaggerating, but it is definitely at least mildly frustrating. So without further ado… Episode 3!


Today we’re joined in the studio by Johnny Stark, founder of Secret Tel Aviv. Johnny tells us about his Aliyah story and what brought him to create one of the most popular Facebook groups in Israel! Check out Secret Tel-Aviv’s website as well.


Musical guest Omer Netzer will leave you awestruck! You can listen to him on YouTube, follow him on Facebook and buy his albums on Bandcamp!


We also talk about how this awesome duo (Two Nice Jewish Boys) got started AND we've got a special guest today who you don't want to miss, so stay tuned!