Home is where the heart is. Unfortunately, sometimes the heart's got expensive taste, so you just have to settle for 10 square meters of unrenovated cardboard under the Ayalon with a roommate that's a cat. But he not discouraged, The Melting Podcast has got you covered. Well, not really, but we got some funny apartment listings you might like.

The anonymous blogger, AKA Sherry Kradshaw, who wrote the viral post "Why Israeli Men Suck" joins us in the studio to talk about dating Israeli men.


Our musical guest today is the talented, word-weaving Echo. Check her out on Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp.

Also, stay tuned for The Melting Podcast’s top 5 picks for must-watch Israeli films and listen in to hear us deliberate the dilemma of the ages: kibbutz life vs. city life.

Big thanks to Sarah Markowitz and Adva Weinstein for performing in the sketch.