Family, that thing you leave behind when you decide to move to the other side of the world. Or perhaps, the reason you moved here in the first place. Either way, family is the one thing you can't replace and almost all olim know about that tension between home and homeland.

Josh Bloomberg moved to Israel ten years ago from Chicago and since then has thrived here as a voice artist. But now, he’s starting to ask questions.


Our musical guest today is Omri Dagan of The Wild Willows!

Big thanks to Sarah Markowitz and Adva Weinstein for performing in the sketch!


Writers: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Hosts: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing Consultant: Rom Atik

Producer: Eyal Schindler

Voices in Sketch:

“Just Visiting”

Rachel  -  Sarah Markowitz

Deborah -  Adva Weinstein

Delivery Guy-  Naor Meningher