Long before you find yourself at the ministry of interior or social security or your healthcare clinic, you encounter the most infamous part of Israeli culture: The Line. When you’re getting on that plane from JFK or Berlin or Bangkok, you already find yourself in the shoulder to shoulder combat that is The Israeli Line. So lift those elbows and raise your voice because it’s time to fight for your right to stand in line.  

Isak Kohaly is a young Italian filmmaker who made Aliyah to study film in Tel Aviv University. He’s here to tell us what brought him here and about his new short film “Isak’s Best Christmas Ever”.


Our musical guest today is Hagar Levy!

We also played music by the Kaveret, Teapacks, Zohar Argov, Nehama Girls and High Windows

Big thanks to Sarah Markowitz and Josh Bloomberg for performing in the sketch!


Writers: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Hosts: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing Consultant: Rom Atik

Producer: Eyal Schindler

Voices in Sketch:

“Commercial Break”

Ophir Hazan - Naor Meningher

Testimonial 1 - Eytan Weinstein

Testimonial 2 -  Sarah Markowitz

IDF General - Josh Bloomberg

Rebbe - Eytan Weinstein