Have you ever wondered what’s up with the business hours in Israel? Why everything is closed from 14:17 to 17:42? Well, we’ve got an explanation for you and you’re not gonna like it. Also, we’re gonna talk about driving in Israel and… well, you’re not gonna like that either. So… tune in!

Jen Charleton made Aliyah from Canada 8 years ago and has been creating music here in Israel ever since. We’re going to talk to her about her experience here and listen to one of her amazing songs!


Big thanks to Josh Bloomberg for performing in the sketch!


Writers: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Hosts: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing Consultant: Rom Atik

Producer: Eyal Schindler

Voices in Sketch:

“40 year-old convert”

Jonathan (convert), Rebbe - Eytan Weinstein

Priest, Voice Over, Moesha - Josh Bloomberg

Prime Minister, Soldiers -  Naor Meningher