DISCLAIMER: This episode may contain explicit content.

There’s a certain level of existential angst inherent to living in the heart of the Middle East. Maybe that’s why we can’t wait in line or why we drive like crazies. Maybe that’s why we party so damn hard! If so, it’s all worth it. So let’s party till the sun comes up… or until they fire the giant laser beam at us. Whichever comes first.    

Jonathan Levy is an entrepreneur and podcaster who made Aliyah from San Francisco and is going to tell us about how he helps people become Superhuman!

And of course, we’re gonna rock out with musical guest Zohar Ginsburg!


Big thanks to Adva Weinstein for performing in the sketch!


Writers: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Hosts: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing: Naor Meningher, Eytan Weinstein

Editing Consultant: Rom Atik

Producer: Eyal Schindler

Voices in Sketch:

“The Non-Stop Podcast”

Sammy - Adva Weinstein