Associates of Prime Minister Netanyahu within the Likud say the putsch in the Likud is dead. They made their comments in response to Gidon Saar’s tweet in which he wrote that there was no need to convene the Likud Central Committee and that no one disputed the fact that the prime minister is the chair of the Likud. Saar wrote that once an election was called for the party’s leadership, he would run as a candidate.

 Likud sources said that  Netanyahu is expected to return the mandate to form the next government to the president only after the Likud Central Committee has been convened on Thursday to ratify his status, and only once Netanyahu has received assurances that no internal elections would be held by the Likud in the course of the coming year.

KAN's Mark Weiss spoke with Mordechai Taub , a member of the Likud Central Committee ,and asked him what was the point of Thursday's Central Committee meeting?