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Understanding landmark High Court ruling

High Court strikes down reasonableness clause, a component of government's controversial judiciary reform that curtailed court powers. Ruling asserts court's authority to apply judicial review to Basic Laws
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Understanding landmark High Court ruling

In a landmark decision, Israel's High Court of Justice ruled 8-7 to strike down the reasonability clause, an amendment to the Basic Law: The Judiciary, that was passed by the coalition last year as part of its controversial judiciary overhaul and which eliminated the court's ability to apply the reasonableness standard to government and ministerial decisions. This marked the first time the High Court has nullified an element of a quasi-constitutional Basic Law. Notably, 12 of the court's 15 justices also ruled that the court has the authority to exercise judicial review of Basic Laws, in "unusual and extreme cases" when they violate basic principles of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Dr. Amir Fuchs, Senior Researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute, spoke to KAN's Naomi Segal about the significance of the decision.